Businesses that adopt digital are  able to  directly interact with their consumers, increasing the pace of innovation, and thus command a higher market share and better part of their wallet share  in their sectors. Digital  businesses today have an edge.

Gapbridge believes Customers ‘ virtual lives are redefining the rules of engagement, and the loyalty of the consumer is growing stronger for those brands who offer omni channel experience and are available on the platform of their choice.based on the digital principle Gapbridge initiated the Digital Transformation for Saatvik Green Energy.

So, what would have led Gapbridge to opt the Digital transformation?

·      Engagement of the customer panels and performance online.

·      Ability to engage the sales chanel , dealers and distributor

·      Serial number and warranted tracking across processes: Buy – Build – Sell – Service

·      Customer Service, SLA and service cost optimization

 Companies in all business and regions use social media, automation, Big Data Analytics and cloud to play with, and benefit from digital transformation.

With this in perspective Gapbridge implemented the following solution,

·      SAP S/4 HANA, Simple Finance, Simple Logistics Mobillor Based IoT Apps

·      Connect to customer install Dealer and Distributor Mobile applications for order processing HANA Analytics Apps

With this implementation what has Gapbridge benefited for Saatvik?

•       Digital Infrastructure, Low Investment, Quick Time to Start

•       Company able to track the performance of devices and provide SLA guarantee Analytics to Client on Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

•       Close monitoring of Services, warranty and spare parts business.

•       Lean team to Manage and Run Business as well as solution

So, with this case study we do realize the fact that the digitalization of an enterprise is not a goal, but a way to improve management and productivity. Digitalization is actually not an option, but a must if your business is to succeed. The industry has dramatically changed due to the steady and rapid technological change. Consumers ‘ preferences, expectations, desires, interaction and use have shifted. If you can’t reach this new scenario, then your organizations won’t make a difference with any money spent on the best technologies and applications.