SAP HANA & BI Analytics

Why Big Data Buzz is growing ?

  • Enterprise can drive value from previously discarded data
  • More data availability from various, sources like ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, Mobile devices, web logs, IoT devices etc.
  • New technology enables semi and unstructured data storage
  • Cost of data warehouse affordable

Today, one of the pillars of innovation is Insight to business. The data science is applied on this data to slice and dice and develop Data-driven predictability which shall be the source for new competitive advantage, where predictability becomes the driver for innovation, customer experience, cost optimization and revenue maximization.

In-Memory data processing innovation by SAP HANA enables you to use big data and analytics in real time for enterprise decision making.

Gapbridge Center of Excellence for Analytics

GapBridge CoE has built thought leadership and repository of accumulated knowledge and process around SAP HANA. Our SAP Analytics services include:-

  1. Consulting Services – We help our clients in assessing analytics maturity of the organization including Post SAP HANA Implementation assessments, setting up technical infrastructure. Our team helps client to design technical architecture, size the hardware and network requirement.
  2. SAP HANA Implementation – Our team has worked with multiple clients on building HANA Analytics with integration to multiple databases, ERP’s and several 3rd Party applications.
  3. HANA Migration – We help our client to migrate from their legacy databases and past data to HANA and building big data.
  4. Data Modelling, Mining and Reporting – We help our client in handling structured and unstructured data and building models, so as ensure data can be mined so business insights.
  5. Training & Education – Post implementation, we provide trainings for business users, technical experts and support team.

Getting Started

Phase0: Adhoc Reporting

Phase 1: Discovery Session

Phase 2: First Idea and Proof of Concept (POC)

Phase 3: Pilot Project Launched

Phase 4: Organization wide Processes Optimized

Phase 5: Sustainable enablement of Business

Products around which our team has delivered services: