Why SAP Lumira ?

Discover the hidden patterns and be ready with futuristic predictions with data discovery through SAP Lumira

Business Demands:
Business is now taking greater responsibility for fulfilling its own information needs rather than depending solely on already-burdened IT resources

Top 5 factors driving business towards self-service BI:

  •  Constantly changing business needs
  •  IT’s inability to satisfy new requests in a timely manner
  •  The need to be a more analytics-driven organization
  •  Slow and untimely access to information
  •  Business user dissatisfaction with IT-delivered BI capabilities

Lumira Capabilities

  • Discover hidden patterns and outliers from their data using beautiful visualizations
  • Create, view, and share in the browser
  • Drag and drop interface for a fluid user experience – No code or scripting required
  • Build interactive visualizations faster than you can in Microsoft Excel
  • Choose from breadth of visualizations – standard and customize

Benefits of SAP Lumira

  • Business user friendly and minimizes the risk of business user adoption.
  • Maximizing business knowledge by integrating wide-scale insights and drill-down to granular details
  • Accelerating decision-making with immediate fact-based solutions to intricate business questions.
  • Increasing self-service data usage without increasing the workload of the IT department.
  • Technologically forward looking with its HTML5-based interface and Predictive Analytics functionalities.