Engaging Customers at the Right Moment

Retail Industry Overview

Customers expect relevant products, information, and engagement when they want, meaning now. How do retailers respond to this increasing need to engage at the right moment, consistently, across multiple sales channels and technologies? By transforming their business with a single real-time retail platform that helps them see the future and deliver on the promises they’re making to customers and investors

Industry priorities for Retail Companies

  • Customer-centric marketing and merchandising: Develop tailored assortments, pricing, and promotion strategies to constantly adapt to keep customers engaged.
  • Sourcing, buying, and private label: Profitably collaborate within a global business network of vendors and manufacturers to deliver differentiating value to customers.
  • Supply chain: Apply real-time, omnichannel visibility to drive cost-effective distribution of products to customers when they need them.
  • Omnicommerce: Adopt a single commerce strategy and vision across channels to enhance the personalized experience in both the physical store and the digital world.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers cutting edge ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud solutions well suited to retail industry to help retailers know their customers and understand their business in every moment. As a result, they can create compelling shopping experiences and drive profitable growth through:-

  • Create personalized, compelling shopper experiences across all channels and business models
  • Gain a 360-degree view of consumer behavior by engaging with your target audience over any touch point.
  • Gain a real-time view of customers and inventories, improve operating efficiencies, revamp your supply chain optimize inventory, warehouses, transportation and ultimately grow your top and bottom line at the same time.
  • Analyze, plan, and optimize assortments, prices, and promotions based on your customer needs.
  • Simplify HR processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement.
  • Take advantage of financial best practices and gain real-time insight into profitability.
  • Sourcing, buying, and private label – Buy and manufacture your private label with a global network of business partners.
  • Leverage analytics to improve operational efficiency and margins

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Thriving in an Interconnected Economy

Distribution Industry Overview

The economy is complex and volatile. Customers are demanding. How can distributors thrive? By getting closer to business partners, delivering exceptional service, and carving out a value-added and differentiated role in the supply chain. Plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze all on one unified IT platform. And follow insight with flawless execution to achieve operational excellence.

Industry priorities for Distribution Companies

  • Opportunity to cash: Manage customer relationships, process multichannel orders, and collaborate with customers to optimize inventory. Automate accurate pricing, and streamline billing and collection activities.
  • Procure to pay: Mitigate supplier risk, and deliver high service levels. Manage supplier relationships by applying capabilities for strategic sourcing, purchasing, supplier collaboration, and supplier agreement monitoring.
  • Supply chain planning and execution: Manage logistics, warehousing, and inventory to help ensure the right stock is available at the right place and time. Control foreign trade and improve customs handling and regulatory compliance.
  • Profitability optimization: Excel in cost recovery and rebates operations, gain a holistic view into procurement, and achieve accurate customer stratification.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers cutting edge ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud solutions well suited to distribution industry enable distribution companies to better understand customer and supplier needs, grow the business, and differentiate from the competition. Companies can leverage insight and efficient execution to achieve profitable growth, improved cash flow, and operational excellence through:-

  • Achieve profitable growth – Segment customers based on sales volume, profitability, loyalty, and cost to serve. Optimize strategies to drive improved profit margins.
  • Improve cost recovery and reduce cost of goods sold – Automate rebates and chargebacks to eliminate vendor cost-recovery errors and disputes.
  • Enable operational excellence – Optimize business planning, sourcing, storing, and selling processes. Empower sales associates to better serve customers.
  • Profitability optimization – Focus on the most-profitable customers, products, and suppliers and enable margin visibility and control.
  • Procure to pay – Minimize supplier risk, to enable high service levels and drive compliance while cutting costs and risks.
  • Information technology and platform – Enable real-time enterprise with powerful insights, empower developers, and unwire the business.
  • Human resources and finance – Simplify processes and maximize employee engagement and gain insight for finance and trading excellence
  • Better processes for supplier collaboration, procurement processes, and supply chain
  • Integrate demand and supply planning to optimize product mix and inventory management
  • Enhance customer experiences with multi-channel sales and service support

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