Sun Systems

We offer highly flexible Infor SunSystems delivers integrated financial management, purchasing, inventory, and sales management solutions. Growing organizations, multi-site subsidiaries of global enterprises, and businesses in need of a sophisticated FMS use this solution to get a real-time view of all the moving parts that make a business tick, and turn financial information into profitable action.
Delivering real-time financial, operational, and reporting analysis, it’s a comprehensive, global financial management system with unparalleled adaptability—delivered at an extremely competitive cost of ownership.

SunSystems fits the best where:

  • Fast growing organizations out growing existing system.
  • Requirements for tracking multiple analysis within the GL quickly and easily without IT.
  • Time & effort to test compliance with processes and policies.
  • Accuracy of financial reporting.
  • Time spent getting reports created by IT.
  • Existing system is constraining their growth
  • Disparate financial systems.
  • Implementations of HO systems is too expensive – too time consuming.
  • Operating system needs updating.

Why Sun Systems?

  • Real-Time – Global View with Unparalleled Flexibility, Adaptability and Speed: You can dynamically realign analysis and reporting to meet evolving business needs and see changes in effect immediately. You can seamlessly integrate process and data from operational systems leveraging investments already made.
  • Control costs, mitigate risk and gain insight for decisive action: Capture financial and business details at transaction levels, have the information and analysis come to you anytime and anyway you want. You can do it yourself, without reliance on IT. You even get current and critical relevant information streamed to you before you ask.

Our Expertise

  • 15+ years’ experience of Delivering SunSystems.
  • Strong and Deep knowledge exposure in diversified industries.
  • Dedicated team of Chartered Accountants implementing the product.
  • Implemented SunSystems in Top Financial Service Companies and other industries as well.