The Transformation of Telecoms

Telecom Industry Overview

The telecommunications industry is in a time of intense transformation. Revenue from core communications services is stagnating, and there is increased pressure to roll out services beyond traditional offerings and deliver an engaging customer experience while continuing to focus on lowering operations costs.

Industry priorities for Telecommunication Companies

  • Customer engagement and commerce: Deliver a consistent customer experience, despite changing market dynamics such as new channels and types of mobile devices.
  • Operational excellence: Enable innovation by containing costs and increasing agility with greater flexibility in the deployment of mission-critical systems.
  • New digital business: Drive revenue growth by shifting toward new data-driven business models and enterprise cloud services.
  • Finance and procurement: Gain clear visibility into processes, and react quickly to business needs.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers cutting edge ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud solutions well suited to communications service providers to successfully navigate the industry transformation that is occurring by helping them to deliver a superior customer experience, contain costs, and begin to generate substantial revenue from new business models through:-

  • Become more customer centric with real-time insights into the network, use, behavior, and demographics
  • Maintain a consistent view and engagement strategy, enabling customers to buy when and where they want and retain current and attract new customers in competitive markets
  • Run core business processes, adapt quickly, and create efficiencies with flexible deployment options.
  • Roll out revenue-generating services: mobile, cloud, Internet of Things, and data monetization.
  • Enable growth through new services and business models such as managed mobility, location-based marketing, and mobile commerce
  • Reduce cost and complexity through on-premise and cloud-based solutions
  • Leveraged data assets for more customer intimacy, business visibility, and increased revenue
  • Manage risk, finance, and compliance

Telecom Solution Footprint