SAP Mobility (SMP)

Why SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)?

Mobility is driving the innovation in consumer and enterprise space by enabling communication and real time integration between employee, partners and customer.

Enable mobility Anytime, Anywhere through SAP MOBILITY PLATFORM (SMP). SMP provides the scalability and flexibility required to design Consumer Class enterprise apps. Some of the important features include:-

  • Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Services (MEAPS)
    • Real time online and offline capabilities
    • Supports development of Hybrid and Native Apps
    • Multi mobile device and OS support
    • Integration with pre-packaged solutions
    • Integrated device, security, authorization and storage encryption capabilities
    • App Distribution and version management through App stores
    • Remote update of Apps via Kapsel on BYOD
    • Content Management and App enhancements
  • Open, standards-based mobile application development platform (MADP)
    • On Premise as well as On cloud
    • Consume class user interface

SMP Services

GapBridge offers diversified services to address business requirements of our customers:-

  1. SAP Mobile Apps Prototyping – To demonstrate Proof of Concept (PoC) and assess technical viability a small simplified version of the app is conceptualized and developed to demonstrate technical and functional viability of the concept.
  2. SAP Mobile Apps Development – For your unique business requirement, our team can engage with various stakeholders in your organization to define the business requirement, build technical solution, develop and deploy.

  3. SAP Mobile Apps Support – As the adoption of mobility in your enterprise reaches a critical mass, you may require dedicated support to run the operations smoothly and flawlessly. Our Application Management Support (AMS) team provides the structure, closed-loop process, methods and tools to set expectations, rigorously track, and optimize the realization of value through the execution of AMS.

GapBridge Practice

GapBridge has invested in building technologies of the future for enabling our clients in mobility space. We have established:-

  1. Internal SAP Mobile Platform Lab setup at GapBridge Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Bangalore
  2. SAP Mobile Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) with talent pool to innovate, simplified deployment of apps on SMP
  3. Visionary and Innovative Leadership Team having experience across multiple domains for transformation of businesses.
  4. Development of SMP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

Mobile Value Delivery Methodology

Mobile Value Delivery Methodology

To realize and enable the power of SAP Mobile Platform, we have developed Scrum based approach for quick development of mobile apps.

Getting Business Value from SMP

Gapbridge team has worked with multiple customers and based on the best practices, we recommend the following approach:-

  1. Explore: – It is important to catch the low hanging fruit by developing apps for enabling critical business processes of one of the Line of business (LoB) to demonstrate the power of SMP, ease of use, quick ability to adopt and enhanced productivity.

  2. Launch: – Post completion of Explore phase, multiples Line of Businesses (LoB’s) like Finance, Sales and Procurement etc. are focused and enabled for business processes.

  3. Accelerate: – Post completion of Launch phase, enterprise wide enablement of business processes to optimize integration between your business processes.