E – Bee

E-Bee is an end-to-end global platform on which commerce is run.

At its core, sits a robust rule based engine with built-in workflows, grids and triggers, configured in accordance with B2B and B2C industry requirements.

This centralized platform empowers small, medium and large enterprises to connect and engage with their entire business eco-system [manufacturers, vendors & suppliers, dealers & distributors, retailers and end consumers] using a single online window that integrates with multiple touch points of commerce [store, web, mobile, call centre, kiosk, social networks, email etc.]. Partners and suppliers become transparent, efficient and empowered, while end consumers enjoy a connected, personalized experience with the brand, consistent across all channels/touch points. Broken down into 22 modules*, businesses can pick and choose functional modules that will co-exist with their current 3rd party business applications, through our Enterprise Service Bus technology.

e-bee empowers global commerce through its multi-tenant, multi-lingual and multi-currency architecture that allows you to localize your online brand touch and feel according to country specific consumer preferences. Available in both On-Premise and Subscription based models, e-bee agile technology enables businesses to scale and grow efficiently and cost effectively.

The below chart illustrates the powerful B2B and B2C module eco-system of e-bee:

Website design & Sales flow Management

Order Management

Product and Price Management

Social Media Integration

Sales and Distribution Management

Route Plan Management

Manufacturing Management

Offers and Promotions Management

Central Loyalty System


Incident Ticket Management

Courier Management

Supplier and Vendor Extranet

E-bee Mobility App

Call Centre Management

Back Office API’s

Payment Gateway Integration

Feedback Management

Customer Behaviour Engine

Shipping and Logistics

E-bee Reporting

E-bee Mobility App-MUI B2C