Oil & Gas

Supercharging oil & gas operations

Oil & Gas Industry Overview

Reliable access to energy sources is driving world economic growth and elevating the standard of living of the burgeoning middle classes. To maintain this growth, oil and gas companies are prudently developing their resources and using cutting edge technology and solutions to revolutionize their energy operations, outplay the competition and ensure compliance.

Industry priorities for Oil & Gas companies

  • Capital and spend effectiveness:Provide closed-loop management and control of capital and spend to mitigate financial risks and maximize return on all investments.
  • Integrated digital oilfield operations: Converge production, maintenance, engineering, and financials at all levels of the enterprise.
  • Hydrocarbon supply chain: Perfect delivery across the full hydrocarbon value chain, maximize margins, and optimize financial risk.
  • Operational integrity: Simultaneously and proactively manage risks to people, planet, and plant across your entire enterprise.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers many solutions (ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud) well suited to oil & gas industry that helps in optimizing capital spend, maximizing return on assets, improving profitability, and driving sustainable operations while operating safely, developing talent effectively, and continuously transforming their businesses through:

  • Drive integrated portfolio planning and project execution, supported by an effective supply base
  • Manage the convergence of production, maintenance, engineering, and financials at all enterprise levels
  • Get the real-time visibility you need to keep up with regulatory changes, run efficient energy operations, and improve production
  • Integrate enterprise operations with your standardized environment, health, and safety processes and risk management system
  • Optimized production processes to improve capital employed and perfect supply chains
  • Predict cash flows to effectively drive collections, risk management, and short-term borrowing
  • Improve asset deployment to boost revenue, reduce downtime, and extend asset life
  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions, improve customer satisfaction and leverage new technologies in discovery, extraction, and delivery.
  • Get instant answers to your business questions with real-time analytics to help maximize your performance and minimize your costs.
  • Move at the speed of change and accelerate decision making with mobile solutions

Oil & Gas Solution Footprint