Be an innovation-driven automotive enterprise

Automotive Industry Overview

Automotive industry is in a paradigm shift facing new challenges and opportunities for growth including geopolitical and societal changes, sustainability, mobility, demand for responsive supply networks, shortened vehicle development cycles, and more savvy customers.

Industry priorities for automotive companies

  • Sustainable product innovation: Collaborate in real time across globally dispersed product design and engineering teams in a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Manufacturing and logistics: Achieve efficiency by aligning stakeholders, assets, and processes across engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing operations.
  • Responsive supply networks: Integrate supply chain processes across interdependent networks to deliver real-time visibility and seize opportunity while detecting and avoiding risk.
  • Marketing, sales, and aftermarket: Delight customers with a simple, unique, and pleasurable buying and ownership experience.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers many solutions (ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud) well suited to automotive industry that help balance financial, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing goals and fulfill demand profitably through:

  • Accelerated time to market get new vehicles on the road faster with software designed specifically for the automotive industry
  • Gain unprecedented insight into consumer demands for product innovation, quality, and price then meet expectations without compromising your bottom line.
  • Increase customer service satisfaction rates, retention, and market share
  • Improved excellence in sales and service operations while delivering a delightful ownership experience
  • Real-time operational insight – Optimize, control, and manage all business processes
  • Design and innovate stay ahead of the competition
  • Reduced manufacturing costs by increasing overall equipment effectiveness
  • Respond intelligently to supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Manage risk, finance and compliance
  • Collaborate with other companies in the value chain

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 Hi-Tech Electronics(OEM)

Transform your high tech business

Hi-Tech Electronics Industry Overview

For high-tech OEMs, the ability to innovate is critical. To respond rapidly to evolving trends in today’s connected marketplace, high-tech companies need a powerful platform for innovation. They must be able to analyze huge data volumes to identify new customers and patterns, adapt promotions to new opportunities, and adjust their processes to maximize flexibility while minimizing cost.

Industry priorities for Hi-Tech Electronics Companies

  • Product innovation and sourcing: Commercialize your innovation-to-volume process rapidly.
  • Supply chain: Align the global supply chain through effective collaboration.
  • Manufacturing: Optimize manufacturing and fulfillment operations to meet market and customer demands.
  • Multichannel sales and marketing: Drive profitable growth with flexible sales and revenue models across all channels and with a consistent customer experience.
  • Customer service: Increase customer satisfaction and profitability with intelligent service.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers cutting edge ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud solutions well suited to Hi-Tech industry to help you drive profitable growth and adapt to how customers want to acquire, use, and pay for their products and service and continuously deliver innovative and profitable solutions to demanding customers through:-

  • Accelerate time to market of innovative products and solutions with streamlined processes.
  • Align the global supply chain through effective planning and collaboration
  • Increase the flexibility of manufacturing and fulfillment operations to align with market and customer demands
  • Drive profitable growth with flexible sales and revenue models across all channels
  • Rapid delivery of enticing and relevant products and solutions to market
  • Build profit and loyalty by exceeding customers high expectations through personalized interactions across all channels.
  • Accurately sense and respond to changing requirements and better align volatile global networks.

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