Drive Agility and Growth in Chemicals

Chemical Industry Overview

Uncertainty, complexity, and regulatory oversight are increasing in todays market. To help ensure sustainable growth and performance, chemicals companies must constantly innovate and adapt their products, processes, and business models.

Industry priorities for Chemical Companies

  • Product innovation and integrity: Streamline new product development processes with integrated data models.
  • Manufacturing: Synchronize manufacturing processes and deliver real-time operational insights.
  • Supply chain management: Enable real-time supply chain planning with a unified model of demand, supply, and financials.
  • Sales and marketing: Increase visibility into sales performance and pipeline across all channels.

Our Edge

GapBridge offers cutting edge ERP, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud solutions well suited to chemical industry that drives agile and sustainable growth, profitability, and stakeholder recognition through optimizing asset performance, order fulfillment, and increase returns on product innovation through:-

  • Accelerated time to market and increased revenue from new products
  • Aligning product development with portfolio strategy and market delivery
  • Maximize visibility and process efficiency across your organization
  • Synchronizing operations, making data-driven decisions, and proactively manage risk
  • Better process control and integration enabling real-time insight into customer demand and overall performance, and better management of product, operational, and financial risk secures sustainable revenue streams and brand recognition.
  • Safely optimizing asset performance, meet demand at maximum profitability, and increase returns on product innovation.
  • Manage pipeline, prices, and margins along all sales channels.
  • Sync manufacturing execution with planning, scheduling, maintenance, risk, and quality management.
  • Sync supply with demand while proactively managing risks of supply chain disruption.
  • Increased demand responsiveness and on-time delivery
  • Proactively and holistically manage environment, health, and safety compliance

Chemical Solution Footprint