SAP new UI/UX Strategy

Best Run Businesses Run SAP - its time to run it Simple

Knowledge Sharing on Succeeding in the Digital Economy with SAP's New User Experience Simplification Strategy

Are you looking to improve the productivity and satisfaction of your employees, users and customers?

Attend our upcoming webinar focused on how SAP customers are simplifying the experience for employees, users and customers with SAP’s new UI/UX strategy.

What's on the Horizon?

In our 45 minutes Webinar, attendees will get key tips for:
  • Understand what is SAP new User Experience Strategy
  • How to align running SAP applications and future roadmap with new User Experience Strategy
  • How to get started with SAP User Experience Simplification
  • Hear about Customer experiences with new User Strategy


  • To Gain Productivity
  • To Save Training Costs
  • To Decrease Change Requests
  • To Increase User Satisfaction
  • To Increase Customer Loyalty

Who will Benefit?

IT Executives, various Lines of Business (LoB) heads, Business Users and Technology Professionals from Companies of all sizes.

Special Offer :

Webinar is by invite only and free for first 50 Registrants

Reach Us :

+49 (0)211-2503 214

Webinar Schedule Details

March 24th, 2016 & March 31st,2016
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